Hell on Earth Character Types

Many of the old Deadlands character types still exist, but here are the new ones for Hell on Earth!


Bad Assed Normals – Your standard waster trying to survive.

  • Pros – Very flexible character type. Be a kid, doctor, have obligations, be a mercenary, whatever you’d like. Savages, Ravenites, Road Warriors, rebels with and without causes (but without powers) generally fall into this category.
  • Con – No powers or built in support network.

Junkers – Techno Shamans. When the nuclear ghost rock bomb was invented, the manitous stopped talked to the mad scientists. Some scientists turned to old fashioned hucksterism to try and continue inventing, but found that the manitous had nothing new to say.
After the bombs hit and the Reckoners rode, trucking with manitous became VERY dangerous, but these huckster/scientist made a startling discovery. Turned out that the Injuns were right, all objects have a “spirit” within them and when that object is destroyed in physical world, it’s spirit enters the hunting grounds. This include things such as buildings, cars, and even your trusty hammer. Prior to the bomb nature spirits would often attack and destroy these man made “tech” spirits when they crossed to the hunting grounds. The massive destruction freed millions of these tech spirits at once, and they banded together to defend against the nature spirits by creating the Net. Spirits in the net now range from ball point pens to the formidable spirit of the Empire State Building. Tech spirits view the human race as their “parents” and want to help humanity. Junkers are able to harness the power of tech spirits to do amazing and seemingly impossible things!

  • Pros: The tech wizards of the Wasted West. They can harness tech spirits to repair cars, make ray guns, build robots, you name it. Junkers are always welcome in Junkyard aka what is left of Salt Lake City.
  • Cons: Like Mad Scientists their work can require a substantial amount of time. Weapon builders risk being driven insane by gun spirits (gun spirits are a little nuts because they are created to both help and kill people).

Templars – Based out of Boise, Idaho they are the Blessed Knights of the Wasted West. They claim that they derive their powers from the Saints and some claim they are directly assisted by the souls of great heroes such as Wyatt Earp and John Wayne. Since bullets are in short supply in the Wasted West, they have become experts at melee combat and their signature weapon is always considered blessed. Most use a sword, but some use axes, bats, and there’s a rumor that someone wields a holy nine iron. Their heroics near Boise have also proven that it is possible to weaken a ghost rock maelstrom if fear is reduced in an area.
The White Tabards travel the Wasted West in disguise, searching for those who are WORTHY of their aid. For example, a Law Dog would help a town against a road gang simply because the town needs aid. A Templar would wait to see if the town tried to help themselves before offering his aid. Templars don’t believe in coddling, the world is too harsh to stand up for people who won’t stand up for themselves. This leads to the White Tabards being beloved by those they help, as they will give their life for the worthy. They are hated by those they reject, who see them as sanctimonious cowards. To have the background you must be part of the faction.

  • Pros – Powerful abilities, can be a one man army when alone. Organized so they are a real army when all together. Lots of friends.
  • Cons – Lots of enemies, including the Anti-Templars (below).

Anti-Templars – They travel openly in their Black Tabards and reject idea of the Test of Worth. Some say they are heroes, while other claim they’re just another road gang. The Anti-Templars also claim they get their powers from the saints and they carry blessed weapons, but none have ever received help from a Martyr. Templars and Anti-Templars will attempt to kill each other on sight. To have the background you must be part of the faction.

  • Pros – Almost all the benefits of the Templars with the exception of the Martyrs’ blessings.
  • Cons – While some are heroic enough, there is definitely something off about them. No one knows why they don’t receive the Martyrs’ blessings.

Toxic Shamans – The bombs seriously effed up nature. Toxic Shamans are functionally very similar to Old Ways Shamans, only they deal with damaged nature spirits. They come in two flavors, Corrupter Shamans who further destroy nature and Cleansing Shamans who use the toxic spirit’s powers against them. For what I hope are obvious reasons, PCs can only play Cleansing Shamans.
*Pros – Cleansing Shamans help earth heal, groovy man!
*Cons – Toxics spirits are bonkers and will eff you up.

Witches – Poorly developed but still interesting, witches use the teachings of Mina Devlin to sling spells and potions. Usually female but there are male “witches” too.
*Pros – MAGIC!
*Con – Not a lot of it.

Sykers – Sykers, who use powerful psychic abilities, were usually trained for military combat and espionage. While most saw action on Banshee (the location for Deadlands: Lost Colony), many others were stationed on Earth to fight human threats during the Last War. A third group of Sykers called “Greenies” have discovered their powers since the end of the Last War.
*Pros – “I can kill you with my mind”
*Cons – You can also kill yourself. Also the psychic strain makes all sykers go bald.

Doomsayers – Make no mistake, the Doomsayers are a cult that worships the bomb. They are mutants that believe the age of humanity is over, and they earth belongs them now. The original Green Robed Doomsayers hate “norms” and want to exterminate them from the earth. A PC would play a Purple Robed Schismatic. The Schismatics still believe that the age of humanity is over, but they see wiping out norms to be akin to euthanizing grandma. The exiting norms are to be taken care of until they eventually die off on their own. They function as a variant form of blessed. To have the background you must be part of the faction.

  • Pros – Very, very powerful.
  • Cons – You are a member of a cult, so adherence to the doctrine is very important. You are a mutant so norm distrust you. Your powers rely of radiation.

Hell on Earth Character Types

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