"Alexandar Smoot" aka Simon Royce

Genius alchemist


1 Resurrection Elixir
Must be directly injected into the body.
Body must be fairly intact.
If injected within 20 minutes reliability is 19
If injected between 20-60 minutes reliability is 15
After 60 minutes results are…not recommended.

Sampson Elixir:
Duration: 10 minutes
Reliability: 18
Speed: 1
Effect: A dose of Sampson’s elixir raises the imbiber’s Strength by two die types.

Side Effect
Minor:The hero has trouble controlling himself, all Nimbleness related skills suffer a -2 modifier.
Major: The character takes 2d6 Wind.
Serious: Character has a bad reaction. Strength is reduced by two die types (minimum d4).

Sure Shot Elixir:
Duration: 30 minutes
Reliability: 17
Speed: 1 round
Effect : A dose of Sure Shot Elixir gives the user a +2 bonus to all Deftness related skills,

Side Effect
Minor: The elixir causes slurred speech. All Aptitudes requiring speech suffer a -2 modifier.
Major : The elixir increases Deftness by slowing the character down. The hero’s Quickness drops by a die type.
Serious : The hero has a bad reaction and gets the shakes. All Deftness related skills suffer a -4 penalty.

Smoke Pellets
Reliability: 17
Duration: 1 minute
Speed: 1

All a hero needs to do to use a Smoke Pellet is to throw it against a hard surface, stomp on it, or otherwise break the pellet. Once crushed, a cloud of smoke begins pouring from the pellet quickly filling an area 10 yards in diameter. The smoke completely blocks vision through its diameter. Anyone inside the smoke, or looking into the covered area, suffers a -6 on all vision based rolls, like shootin’, search, etc. Wind or even mild air currents disperse the smoke fairly quickly, but it is a handy distraction while it lasts. Although the smoke has no harmful effects on anyone within it, some folks may be nervous about entering a cloud of strange colored vapors…

Anti-Poison Tonic:
Reliability: 18
Duration: Permanent
Speed: 1 Minute

Each batch of Tonic needs to have a small amount of the poison added to it prior to imbibing to attune it to the poison it is neutralizing. Note: This is the potion that Alexander managed to alter to be the Smallpox purgative. When used in this manner the Side effects change and the reliability drops to 16.

Minor: The poison causes wind 1d6 wind damage.
Major: The posion has a normal effect on the imbibier
Catastrophic: If the poison wasn’t deadly, it causes 3d10 damage to the guts, if it was deadly it kills instantly.


SimonLittle was known about “Alexander Smoot” prior to his encounter with the party and he’s generally not forthcoming with information. He is legitimately Felicity’s superior in British Intelligence, and an Alchemist. He is generally on the look out for British interests in the Confederacy (or the “Colonies” as he sometimes calls the USA/CSA, he doesn’t quite understand that no one else appreciates the joke).

Alexander is very well groomed. He carries a black valise and always wears a vest with several secret pockets.

As of the session “The Original Riders” it was revealed that Alexander’s real name is Simon Royce. It is unknown why he was spared by Stone, and Mama Jolou fears it is because he can be or unknowingly has been converted to the Reckoner’s cause.

As of the session Felicitous Pt 2 – What Binds is was revealed that his sister died and he used the umbilical chord from her live born baby in the creation of a Resurrection Elixir. During the process, the manitou that drove Felicity insane in The Original Riders attached itself to his soul and tried to corrupt him. In his attempt to fend off the manitou’s influence, the parts of his soul that governed instinct and emotion were psychically wounded.

This is the source of his madness and is essentially a Catch 22. As long as his soul remains wounded he is unable to feel any significant emotion. Thus the manitou is unable to use his feelings against him, though it has gone on an extended campaign to chip away at his resolve using logic.

His soul bond with Felicity allows her to in effect lend him small parts of her own soul represented by her expenditure of Fate Chips on Spirit and social rolls. When she spends a Legend chip she can temporarily “heal” him by lending him a larger part of her soul, irrespective of distance. While the larger part of her soul are missing, she becomes all but immune to fear checks (only failing on a bust) and she is capable of extreme focused logic (bonuses to smarts & knowledge based checks). The transfer ends when (1) they make physical contact (2) 24 hrs pass (3)one of them dies.

On the flip side, Alexander can spend chips to absorb wounds on her behalf as long as he is withing 5 feet. Why he does this puzzles even him to some degree. All he knows is that the idea of Felicity coming to harm distresses him more than ever.

Simon’s cover as “Alexander” was blown in Boston. Through a series of events he died and was brought back to life by Felicity. After he relied the events of Boston to his superiors he was sacked and left to find his fortunes elsewhere. The Soul Bond between Felicity and him was broken upon his death.

Alexander/Simon is the focus of the short story Promises

"Alexandar Smoot" aka Simon Royce

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