Manifest Destiny

The Road So Far

Been awhile since the log was updated but here are a few important points as we leave “The Road to Hell” and transition into “Heart of Darkness.”


  • Tried to get more insight into the Hear of Darkness, ended up dead. Or did he?


  • Still badass.
  • Seems to be tied to Delilah whether or not he wants to be. She doesn’t seem to be overly keen on it either.


  • Has been “chosen” by the Heart for some purpose. Still believes that the spirit he’s seeing is Angelina.


  • Nearly died after being hit by a horse. Saved by some sort of “higher power” working through Eli.
  • Her relationship with Simon continues to be somewhat complicated, though increasingly adorable.


  • Still a badass.
  • Still has a small Chinese boy.
  • Now has the boy’s sister as well.



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