Manifest Destiny

Boston: Epilogue

"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten." ~ Rudyard Kipling

In another time and place…

MZ: Librarian log in MZ481, verbal ID Zeta 64, atomic clock time check also requested.

ALLY: Identity confirmed, the time is currently 10:36 Pacific Standard Time, June 12, 2214 Common Era. Good to have you back in Sacramento, MaryAnn.

MZ: Nice to be back. Confirm upload of file codename New Riders: Boston to the library in the high security zone.

ALLY: Upload confirmed, no data corruption detected.

MZ: Rock on. Enter scenario construction mode. Cross reference New Riders: Boston with New Riders: Salt Lake City and the Peregrine Files. The Brainers working on Operation White Hat need a some data to fill in some gaps. Summary will suffice.

ALLY: Processing…scenario construction complete.

MZ: OK then…tell me a story. Start with Cruz.

After the escape of his sister, Eli Cruz quietly slipped out of Boston without saying good bye to his fellow travellers. When asked why he was quoted as saying “I once asked God to give me a story worth telling, now I’m afraid that he listened.” He returned to Tombstone where he wrote a serial short story called “Broken Angels” about two brave women by the name of Susan and Enid, trying to carve out their fortune in the West. He eventually took over the Society page of the Epitaph, reasoning that doilies held little chance of inciting adventure. The problem arose when Lacy O’Mally asked him to travel north to cover a grand gala celebrating the one year anniversary of the electrification of Salt Lake City, as well as the announcement of a certain arcane acquisition.

After breaking with Kang, Zheng Rong Kai realized that he would need to be constantly moving if he wanted to protect himself and HouZi. The actions of Red Petal Su bought him some leeway, but he would need help and money to stay ahead of of the Tongs and the inevitable bounty on his head. So he turned the next most capable and honorable warrior he knew, James Thompson Cobb.

Accounts indicate that losing Delilah on the docks weighed heavily on J.T. Cobb. But certain men are born to be heroes, and cannot sit idly by when friends are in need. Zheng and HouZi needed help. Cobb needed to know what happened to Delilah so he could take his revenge on the thing that killed her while wearing her face. He traveled back to New Orleans, and when he didn’t find answers there he, Zheng and the boy traveled West. They made good money as bodyguards for, as Cobb put it, “tinhorns and people with more money than sense.” They were so good at it that they eventually attracted the notice of Hellstromme Industries to guard a very special delivery.

Felicity Smoot met with Agent Lucie Wynne shortly after the events of the cavern. Agent Wynne congratulated Felicity on a job well done, and assured her that the Agency would stay out of the way for the time being, but that leaving the Union was probably a wise move. Unfortunately Felicity found that she was unable to leave Boston as quickly as she would have liked. Death and resurrection had broken something in Simon Royce. His mood became unpredictable. He would wake from his sleep screaming and in cold sweats or spend hours staring at a wall muttering to himself. Once, Felicity tried to bring him around by getting him to focus on his experimentations, but at that he flew into a rage and smashed his equipment. After about a month of this, Felicity returned back to the apartment to find that Simon and all of his things were gone. On the end table there were two letter, one was from British Intelligence, informing Dr. Royce that in light of recent events, his services were no longer required. The second simply said “For the best really. Cheers, S.” After re-establishing contact with the real British command, Felicity was instructed to carry on the mission to track the Women in Black independent of her former traveling companions. Though of course that word prove difficult. A few months later she received word that a strange gun touting woman was seen in the employ of an Explorer returning from South America, headed towards Utah.

Out of all the New Riders, Jebidiah Long is the hardest to track from Boston onwards. Anecdotal evidence suggests that he was haunted by something that happened in the Boston catacomb, that he saw something that Man Was Not Meant To Know. A rash scuffles in gambling halls throughout the Mississippi and the West suggests that he tried to drink away the knowledge. There is one arrest record on file for disturbing the peace from Denver specifically referring to a Jebidah Long. On November 15th, 1877, the barman at Smith’s Spirits states that Long showed up at the bar and began downing shots of whiskey at around noon. His demeanor changed upon seeing the day’s edition of the Tombstone Epitaph. He starting raving at the top of his “lungs about a girl named Cassie, about something coming from the South”. It took 4 men to finally subdue him, they said his strength was “unnatural.”

ALLY: End Scenario Construction

MZ: Ally…you know you have to tell me what that headline said.

ALLY: Retrieving, Tombstone Epitaph November 15th,1877. Showing Image:

!(media-item-align-left) 4 )!

MZ: Yeah that would do it. So only Long had any idea that the Heart was more than just a diamond?

ALLY: Affrimative. To quote the Peregrine Files “They arrived in Salt Lake City independently, for different reasons, but with good intentions.”

MZ: Yeah well…there is an old saying about good intentions.

Next for the New Riders, the first part of the classic Deadlands trilogy: The Road to Hell



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