“We are all subject to the fates. But we must all act as if we are not…or die of despair.” ~ The Golden Compass

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Welcome to Manifest Destiny

In the year 1877, strangers are brought together to change the course of American History.

Manifest Destiny is intended to be an epic campaign set in the entirety of the Deadlands universe.

The New Riders

Season 3

The New Riders reunite to deal with the mysterious Heart of Darkness. From the steampunk streets of Salt Lake City, to the Holy Independent City of Lost Angels to the perilous Devil’s Tower, the results of their journey could be the only hope of preventing a true Hell on Earth.

Season 2

After defeating Baron LaCroix the Riders embark on a new journey. Joined by a taciturn martial artist they set off on the path set by Mama Jolou.

Season 1

A former sheriff, a gambling wizard, a faithful reporter, and a clever Brit travel the Weird West in search of a mysterious woman in black. If they choose one path, they may just become bona fide heroes along the way. If they choose another, they could very well contribute to bringing a Hell on Earth.

The New Riders is the weekly tabletop plot line of Manifest Destiny.

Manifest Destiny

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