Hooperville, TX

Hooperville, TX: Population 98

This sleepy little ranching town used to be a popular stop on the trade route to Houston. It’s started to go into a slight decline ever since Bayou Vermilion chose to bypass the town by building its line about 10 miles north. Now most of the business comes from the outlying cattle ranches.

Locations of Note

  • The General Store – The best place to stock up in town.
  • The Geisel Hotel & Saloon – A clean, family run establishment (no soiled doves here). You can get yourself a hot meal, a stiff drink and there’s usually a poker game or two going. If you’re not a whiskey man you can always give Teddy’s house made root beer a try.
  • The Church – The place were Reverend Smith tends to the need of his flock. He and his daughter live in the Rectory behind the church.
  • The Louis Horse Ranch – The only horse ranch nearby. They breed fine horses for sale.
  • The Goodman-Granger Ranch – The most profitable cattle ranch in the area. Run by Hank Granger and his partner Gerald Goodman.

People of Note

  • Mayor Albert Ellers – The somewhat ineffectual leader of the town. He means well but knows his limits. He is smart enough to know how to delegate tasks to those better suited.
  • The Reverend Henry Smith – A Baptist minister who tends to the spiritual needs of the town.
  • Susan Smith – The Reverend’s daughter.
  • Sheriff Tom – The first victim of the smallpox outbreak. A helpful man with a sense of responsibility to his town.
  • Helen & Teddy Geisel – German Proprietor of the Geisel Hotel & Saloon.
  • Hank Granger – The plump and personable face of the G.G. Ranch. Appears to be perpetually nervous.
  • Gerald Goodman – The “brains” behind the G.G. Ranch. He has been confined to a wheelchair since being thrown from his horse about a year ago. He is a ornery recluse.
  • The Louis Family – Sam, Ethel and their granddaughter Cindy. Kind folks, and Ethel’s lemonade is the best in town.

Hooperville, TX

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