Claudia's Letter

Dear Eli,

I hope this letter finds you well. It is an odd thing, at first I didn’t write because I was afraid that too many missives to the Confederacy would be damaging to my husband’s career. Once the channels of North/South communications were tentatively opened, I didn’t write because I felt guilty for keeping my distance for so long. I hope you can forgive my foolishness and we can re-establish our familial bonds.

Much has happened over the past few year. Bernard is quite the politician here in Boston. We had to move out of Beacon Hill due to some terrible fires a few years back. Our new home in the Back Bay district is lovely (though nothing beats Charles Town of course). Bernard needed a home that reflected his station and, well I supposed there is no graceful segue into this, for our child. You’re an uncle, Eli. Your nephew’s just about 2 years old. I guess that’s really why I wrote. He’s so young, but Zachary is already very much like you. I can’t help missing you every time he laughs.

I wanted this to be a long letter, to catch up somehow. But I just don’t know what else to say. it is odd to think how time and distance can make strangers of those who were once closest and dearest to us. I know you have been very busy, I read everything you write for the Epitaph (only reason Bernard even lets that paper in the house, says it’s a load of rubbish talking about ghosts and whatnot). If your traveling permits I would very much like for you to visit us in Boston, the sooner the better. I’m sure we’d have a grand time. Until then, know that have missed you greatly and send you all of my love.

With fondest regards,

Claudia's Letter

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