Boston, MA

“Sir, I will concede that Washington DC is the Heart of the Union, from that great city our leaders keep this great country alive. And I will concede that New York City is the Brains of the Union, where great financial minds and fresh blood from across the sea challenge us to push what we know and what we can accomplish. But I tell you sir, that Boston is the Soul of the Union. It is here that our forefathers sparked the audacious notion that we are noble and free men worthy of a country to call our own. It is here that we began to entreat our brothers in the South to free the Negro slave. And it is here that we must overcome our own pride and begin the reconciliation with those same brothers.” ~ Bernard Higgins, Massachusetts State Senator, Candidate for US Senate


Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and takes great pride in being the starting point for the American Revolution. While not as densely populated as New York, its is still a teaming mass of humanity for those used to more open or rural spaces.

Current Politics

Massachusetts greatly contributed to the hostilities between the North and South prior to the start of the war. The state government is heavily dominated by the Republican Party including several Radical Republicans who advocated harsh measures be taken against slave owners before the war and demands that the South be brought to justice for its “treason” in starting the war. At the time the posse arrives in Boston, there is an election heating up between the moderate Republican Bernard Higgins who supports the current cessation of hostilities, and Radical Republican George Frisbie Hoar who advises resuming hostilities.

The Irish

Just before the Civil War the great Irish potato famine drove thousands of Irish immigrants to American shores, and many of them found their way to Boston. This has had an enormous impact on the city over the course of 30 years. The Irish have become increasingly involved in politics Roman Catholicism has become the predominant religion in the region.

A Center of Learning

Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., James Russell Lowell, and Julia Ward Howe are just a few of Boston’s great literary minds at present. Harvard has the distinction of being the oldest University in the Americas. Always a forward thing city, the first medical school for women, The Boston Female Medical School, was founded in 1848. A little over a decade ago the Jesuits founded Boston College and a year after that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology opened its doors to help the great minds of the generation further the Industrial Revolution.

The Agency

While the main branch is housed in the old Pinkerton Detective complex in Washington, it is well known that the Agency maintains a large facility in Boston as well. As with most things Agency related, its exact function is highly classified.

The Neighborhoods

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Boston, MA

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