Red Petal Su

The Warlord's Daughter


Twenty years ago, when Kang Ling Su was born, a soothsayer told her father that he must train her well, for the fate of Shan Fan would rest with her. Shortly afterwards, Kang became embroiled in a battle with a rival Tong. While the Warload emerged victorious, he was gravely wounded in the battle. When he recovered enough to appear before the council of elders he made a proclamation. His daughter, Su, would be his successor, and from this point forward would be raised as both daughter and son. She would learn the proper habits of a woman, but her feet were not to be bound, and she would received training among the men when she was a proper age.

Su earned her nickname which she was 15. An assassin came after her father, and she severed the man’s jugular vein in one swift motion. The hot droplets of blood flew through the air and landed on white lotus blossom she was wearing in her hair. Seeing this, Kang nodded approvingly and gave her a rare smile saying, “You have done well my daughter, my red petal.”


Red Petal Su

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