Mama Jolou

Powerful (ly Insane? ) Voodooienne


Mama Jolou is a stooped Haitian woman of indeterminate age, though “old” would more than suffice. She lives in a house secluded by the bayous around Lake Pontchartrain. She makes a mean Swamp Tea.

She is vengeful as all hell and mean as a rattler when provoked. She has a long standing grudge against Baron LaCroix for a time he dared attempt to steal her power and has dedicated the reminder of her life to destroying him. She has waited years for an chance to enact her vengeance and now the time has finally come. One of her spies in LaCroix’s organization informed her that the posse was coming with instructions to obtain her right eye. She intends to work a long distance curse, in the hopes that it will give the posse a chance to defeat him. She fully expects to die in the process.

Mama Jolou’s ashes (and her marble eye) has been delivered to the posse. She has requested that Cobb personally deliver her ashes to Canton, KS and has threatened to “haunt his ass” if he refuses.

There has been some indication that Mama Jolou’s spirit is becoming even more powerful in death. When dealing with Cobb she mentions being “tested.” The ultimate ramifications of this remain to be seen.

Mama Jolou is the focus of the short story Mama Will Provide


Mama Jolou is a true Voodun practitioner. Some say that when Marie Laveau needed truly powerful charms she would seek out Mama Jolou. Some say that the loa whisper the future to her and sometimes will inhabit her directly to deliver a particularly important message. She would tell you that the loa simply give a glimpse, a man’s future is his own.

Predictions thus far:

Felicity Smoot – “Follow your heart, it will not go unrewarded, or unpunished”

Jebidiah Long – “Seek ye out the Heart of Darkness, tho it imperil your soul”

Eli Cruz- “The the Hour of Darkness, in the Final Hour, seek solace in the house of God”

J.T. Cobb – “If you defend the red door you will surely die. If you do not, a generation will suffer”

Zheng Rong Kai – You must stay in the desert to hold back the rising tide. Never set foot in the tower.

Alexander – Will save the life of Felicity at the cost of his own.

Mama Jolou

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