Juliette Montreau

Jilted Lover


Juliette is a pretty French Creole girl with brown hair and hazel eyes. She once had the look of a delicate debutante, but her time as a washerwoman has toughened her considerably.


Juliette was one of the many conquests of Jebediah Long during one of his trips through New Orleans (and an unusually respectable one at that). After he left town she discovered that she was pregnant with his child, ruining her prospects of marriage. She was thrown out by her family and forced to eventual live as a washerwoman in the black neighborhood. When her child was stillborn she fell into a deep depression. Shortly after she fell in with a vampire cult that worked to supply fresh blood to a new Nosferatu coven though she was hesitant to get involved in the actual murder process, which they referred to as a “blooding.”

When Long and his compatriots came back into town, she was determined to get revenge upon him and get her first blooding at the same time. She tried to seduce Long in the local bar, but she also sent some of the cult to the Bed and Breakfast Long was lodged at to see if he could be kidnapped (where they picked up Alexander on the side). She unknowingly provided the Nosferatu with a rare delicacy due to the arcane energies infused into their blood. After they had fed on Long and Alexander they were going to turn Juliette in appreciation.

Long and Alexander were saved by their traveling companions. Juliette escaped in the ensuing battle and was confronted by Long at her home. Instead of taking revenge, Long acknowledged that he had wronged her, and allowed Juliette to keep the money she had stolen from him in order to start a new life.

Juliette Montreau

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