Delilah "Del" Peregrine

Mysterious Blessed Gunslinger


DelDel appears to be somewhere in her mid to late 20s and has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She eschews the clothing of the fairer sex and could easily be mistaken for a male gunslinger as first glance. Her duster clearly has some form of armor built in.

She has a pendant in the shape of an angel with the right wing broken off. This item appears to be a relic of some sort. She has clutched it in moments of weakness and it flared brightly right before she disappeared in the Nosferatu’s lair.

She has displayed abilities consistent with those of the “Blessed” but she has not expressed any particular religious beliefs and showed a willingness to work with a Voodun practitioner when needed. On at least one occasion she has claimed to talk to God.


Delilah Peregrine nee Deveroux was born in Shreveport at an unspecified date.

In 1864 Del married William Brian Peregrine. Their wedding reception was interrupted by the Beaumont gang in retaliation for foiling a bank robbery that had taken place the day prior. The hail of bullets resulted in a massacre of the Peregrine family. Will was superficially wounded and followed. Del’s mother tried to keep her from following Will, but eventually Del ran after him and the gang. The townfolk rallied together to chase the gang. They found Will’s corpse in a swampy wooded area a short distance outside of town. Delilah was never found and presumed dead.

At some point in 1877, Will’s wedding ring was stolen from his tomb and Del went in pursuit. Del figure out that a Black Magic intended to use the ring to summon a demon to possess a young lady by the name of Angela Ybor. This resulted in a misunderstanding where the posse assumed Del was attempting to harm Angela. The cult’s representative was defeated and the posse joined Del in her journey to New Orleans to remove the curse laid on the ring.

Del vanished mysteriously during an assault on the Nosferatu’s den in New Orleans. The posse managed to get the story of her tragic wedding day but were unable to uncover what would have lead to her disappearance.

Del reappeared in the carnival outside of Tombstone when the posse went to meet up with Mama Jolou. She said she was tracking down a doppelganger that had the intention to kill the voodoo priestess. She and the posse chased the creature into the “Hall of Possibilities” where Del called forth arcane energies that threw the posse into an alternate reality. When the posse returned to current reality, Del was lying on the ground minus her signature black coat and hat. When she woke up she was hysterical, and seemingly had little to no recollection of the posse or Mama Jolou.

Delilah and Cobb seem to be getting closer as they spend time in Tombstone. She has asked him to teach her the basics of shooting and she was quite determined to make him a pie.

In Li Grand Zombi Pt 1, Long decided to cast Hunch on her weapon. We was taken back to when Delilah acquired the weapon from her husband’s corpse. It appears that the Servant of Death was responsible for William Peregrine’s death.

In 100 Ways to Do It Wrong Delilah got very ill as the posse headed towards New Orleans. Jeb tried to use Hunch to gain more information about her, but instead saw the beginnings of the Last War. She was also referred to as the “Wolf Tamer” by the Alpha wolf while in Canton. She continues to maintain that she has no knowledge of why this is happening.

Delilah "Del" Peregrine

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