Manifest Destiny

Unreasonable Reason

"Well you can't do that with a pegleg, you'll get an infection." - Alexander Smoot

8/11 I will be posting a general update of tonight session and last session


As the party finished at the Higgins estate, Eli ran into an old friend, Mitch from Hooperville! Mitch revealed that he decided to get as far away as possible from Hooperville after the instance of the zombie cows. So he moved up to Boston and got a job with an Irish butcher by the name of Ned McCray up on the North side seeing as how “them Irish got funny accents too.”

After a bit of Brandy, Claudia mentions to Eli that some of the guest rooms have been switched since Master Kang will not be staying in the estate and that we will now be staying in the room intended for Senator Braxton from New Hampshire. Slightly tipsy, Eli makes his way to his room to find a lovely lady in fancy red dress waiting for him. She introduced herself as Angelina and quickly figured out that Eli was NOT Senator Braxton. She seemed to be unperturbed by this and merely stated that she had been contracted to accompany the gentleman occupying this room for a week. A flustered Eli suggested going about town. They went to the Orpheus Hall to listen to the famous opera singer (running into Cobb and Delilah, who made it abundantly clear they did not wish to be disturbed). Eli then took Angelina out to a bar for a drink, and he proceeded to get a bit sloshed. Angelina took him home and tried to get him ready for bed by taking off his clothes and he protested on his religious grounds. After a bit of back and forth, it was agreed that they would sleep in the bed together, and that she would not attempt to “violate his personage” unless he wished it. Well apparently while thrashing about in his sleep due his night terrors, he touched something that made Angelina think it was time to violate his personage. And he just kind of went with it. Jesus will understand.

He then had a very awkward conversation with Claudia the next morning. Apparently it was a little loud.


It’s Felicity’s birthday! She wakes up to find a book from Simon on her nightstand. He tells her that it is a book of all his formulations (except one) encoded in Ancient Greek so that the average layperson would be unable to decipher them. Felicity decided to head out to a bookstore and see if she can find anything to help her translate. She ran into Delilah, who accompanied her to the store. At the bookstore, Felicity came across a “woman’s fiction” shelf that had a book titled “The Pirates of Gibraltar” by Victoria Smoot.

Got his way into the Capital by telling them he is a member of the Audubon Society. He managed to gain after hours access by talking to Bernard. He continues to investigate the fire zone.



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