Manifest Destiny


“The devil is in the details” - German Proverb

Following the advice of Wyatt Earp, the posse got on the first train out of Dodge heading towards Boston. The first 2 days are fairly uneventful. On the 3rd day the train was forced to a halt due to sabotage on the rail line. The posse opted to get off the train and go to the next town to wait and hear for word of when the train will resume it’s journey.

In town, Jeb decided to do some digging on the sabotage and find out if there had been any suspicious characters about town. He discovered there were 2 men and 1 women who had puttered about town and then headed off to the old (supposedly haunted Barlow residence). Jeb and Eli, being the curious sort, decide to go check it out.

One they get to the house, they discover the corpse of 2 men in the house. Right then, Felicity is possessed by a spirit known as a “Weeping Widow.” She designates Eli as her “beloved” and attempts to literally kiss him to death. When other posse members interfere, she calls them murderers and tries to kill them WITH ACID TEARS OF DOOM!! For some reason, Jeb and Kai decide that they are going to try to kill her without any further ado. Kai hits her with his sword and damages it on her acid tears (sword now has a reliability of 18)

Eli throws up a protection miracle and Felicity temporarily regains control and Jeb and Kai (sort of) decide to stop their attacks. They eventually decide to try an exorcism. Jeb and Alexander obtain materials and obtain the help of local priest, Father O’Mally. After 8 hours and a minor struggle, Eli, Jeb, Alexander, Delilah and the Father manage to complete the exorcism and banish the spirit.

They return into town and discover the train will resume at 6PM.

GM Notes

  • Though you don’t know it now, a number of very, very important things happened in this session. Just because you didn’t get to Boston doesn’t mean it’s a throwaway. In fact, from this point forward, it would be foolish indeed to treat any session as a throwaway.
  • I find it very interesting that the when Felicity got possessed that the go to reaction was: “Wow, this person who has been my friend/companion obviously has something wrong with them in a house I know to be haunted, I need to start attacking her soul with lethal spells /slicing her body up with a sword.” And Eli and Cobb don’t get a pass on this, it took the intervention of Delilah and Alexander to stop Jeb and Kai. Next time, no GM intervention and I let it play out to its natural conclusion. It’s not like the Reckoners make sure that these sort of Abominations exist in order to trick the Heroes into killing each other, right? And it’s not like I have an in game mechanic to track evil actions by your character that will ultimately turn them into an NPC tool of the Reckoners and that attempted murder of your possessed party member may count as little evil.
    I’m not telling you to be a saint. Reluctant, cranky, curmudgeonly, Anti-Heroes are all well and good. Moral ambiguity is great. I will intentionally put some of you in no-win situations that have no “good” answer. But if you seek out evil action your character will eventually turn into a Villain, which means they turn into an NPC.
    This is your one warning so you’re not surprised if you run around killing innocent people and I one day reach over and take your sheet and tell you to make a new character.



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