Manifest Destiny


"No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor. " -Thomas Carlyle

Day 1 in Boston

She was chatting with Claudia when Alexander told her that he was leaving for a bit and to meet him at the hotel later. Claudia invited her to stroll around the neighborhood. Claudia asked Felicity many questions about living in England. She eventually left to return to the hotel to find Alexander writing in his notebook again and nursing bruised knuckles. He cheerfully told her he went to the library and punched an Irishman…though not necessarily in that order.
He also informed her that he successfully managed to make contact with a fellow British agent while wandering the North End under the guise needing to find the boxing match. Normally a posh Brit dandying about the North End would draw undue attention, fortunately everyone was too busy wondering what a Celestial was doing there.
(GM Note to Kelsey, let me know if there is anything in particular you want to add to this downtime. You cannot, however, interact with any of the PCs.)

Had several…interesting encounters in the Higgins estate. To be updated.

Jeb left the party to see if he could find some gambling. He discovered he might be able to find some illegal though respectable games in the downtown area after dark. If he wanted anything daytime he’d have to head to the North End and deal with the immigrants. Or he could try his luck at Mah Jong in Chinatown. He decided to forego that for now and chatted up some people about Higgins (the person he talked to this time had a very pro-Higgins position) and the Fire Zone. He found out that the folks over at MIT were studying the Fire Zone to discover why everything combusts in the area. He decided that going to MIT might be interesting, but went back to the hotel to pick up Alexander, in case he needed a science or academic type. At the hotel he ran into Agent Callahan, who was waiting for Cobb, and won a dollar from Delilah playing poker.
After picking up Alexander, he went over to MIT. It seems that “new science” has quite a hold on the institution as evidenced by a young man he found in one of the courtyards (YEAH!). The men were directed to office of Professor Crosby, head of Paranormal Research. Crosby was surprisingly sensible and sane and they had an informative talk about the Fire Zone. Crosby reiterated that the prevailing thought on the Zone is that it sit upon a ghost rock despsit and that the fumes accumulate and ignite. Alexander confirmed that the instances of spontaneous human combustion in the Zone are in line with what he knows of the end stages of severe ghost rock fever. Both scientist theorized the people living in the zone may have built up some sort of tolerance. Jeb suggesting trying to catch one of the inhabitants, and Crosby indicated this might be worthy of “hazard pay.” Crosby granted Jeb & Alexander access to MIT’s library to help them prepare. The results of their research is forthcoming.

That sly dog finally put the moves of Delilah. They set a date to go to a fancy French restaurant and then to the Orpheus Music Hall to hear Sophia Bernadi sing. Before they left for the evening, Cobb ran into Agent Callahan in the lobby of the Patriot. Callahan indicated that he would like to meet for a drink with Cobb and chat. They agreed to meet the next day in the evening at Huzzah’s up near the North End.
Cobb and Delilah then set out on a very pleasant evening with only 2 minor hiccups. During dinner, Cobb noticed that they were being tailed by an Agent. He confronted the Agent at the bar, who indicated he was there too look out for for Cobb. After dinner, slightly before 9PM Delilah developed a nosebleed. Cobb was concerned but Delilah insisted that it was nothing and promised to let Dr. Smoot take a look at her later. They continued to the Music Hall and had a grand time. The evening ended with Cobb & Delilah sleeping together, though of course Cobb is ever the proper gentleman the next morning.

After Kang & his entourage left the party Kai got progressively more uncomfortable at the stares from the surrounding guests. He saw Alexander writing furiously in his notebook in the corner so he went to sit next to the doctor. Alexander eventually realized that social protocol requires him to interact with Kai so they chatted for a moment where, of course, Alexander managed to inadvertently insult Kai’s intelligence. Then, Alexander got all excited and suggested that they head to the North End and find “proper boxing match.” They left the party and went to the North End where Alexander seemed to wander about aimlessly while Kai got more and more frustrated. Alexander revealed that he spent some time in the Orient in the past and actually liked the Chinese, he even speaks a few words of Manderian. They eventually found the boxing match, had a friendly few rounds where they bunch each other in the chest in a few times as McWaldorf & McSatler apparently heckled them from the stands. Eventually they punched McWaldorf in the face and made a run for it in the chaos.
In the evening, Kai changed he clothes and went to the Golden Dragon for his meeting with Kang. When he arrived on the rooftop he was greeting by Red Petal Su. She accused him of being an honorless deserter and challenged him to a fight. The two martial artists battled, with Su having a slight edge. Eventually she managed to score a wound to his abdomen with a narcotic laced knife, causing Kai to fall to the ground as the drug worked its way through his system. Kang appeared at this point. Su tried to play off the wound as being more severe, but Kang saw through the ruse. He slapped his daughter and accused her of being weak and sentimental. He then declared that Kai was to be left to “The Mercy of the Ancestors,” a normally lethal punishment that involved flogging someone until the flesh on their back it torn away and often the vertebrae are exposed. It is said that only those who are blessed by the ancestors will survive. Kang took great relish in the punishment, taking nearly 15 minutes to complete the whipping. In his drugged state, Kai did not immediately die from shock but after they left him on the rooftop there was no doubt he was going to die soon. In his delirium, he realized that there was someone on the roof with him, a women. She said:
“Look at you. A man so marked by violence. But can you be something more? I hope she was right about you.”
He then felt a hand on his back and soothing warmth as he went unconscious. The only thing about the women he can identify are her black boots.
He then spent the next several hours going in and out of a delirious consciousness where he was certain that a monkey was taking care of him. He fully came to his sense just before dawn to find his back bandaged and treated and a small lanky boy, about 10 or 11 years old, watching over him. He tried to engage the boy in conversation, only to discover that the boy has no tongue. Kai tried to leave but the boys kept following and trying to get Kai to sit dawn. Eventually Kai just told the boy to come with him.



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