Manifest Destiny

General Updates

Since I have been lackadaisical in my session by session updates, I’m going to use this post to get to a “here are some things that characters have done and here’s where we are now” post. As always we start with:


Cobb and Delilah’s relationship continues with a few more dates. He is concerned about the appearance of the second Delilah and talked with Callahan about it. He was at the theater when the opera singer fell from the rafters. He notices that Delilah seems to be a little run down and declines an invitation to join Eli and Angelina up in North End. He is currently at The Patriot Hotel.


Jeb finally wrangled himself an Ashen! Turned out that the Ashen are some form of walking dead. He, Felicity and Alexander took the Ashen over to MIT where Alexander did a preliminary analysis of the creature. Jeb and Felicity went to get some books from the library. Jeb decided he’d continue to push Felicity’s buttons by finding another one of her mother’s other romance novels, but while he was searching for the “women’s literature” section, he came across Callahan talking with Delilah, a black coated, confederate sword strapped Delilah. He followed them down a hallway and was eventually caught by Delilah. Turns out she and Callahan had need of a man with his particular talents to help them bind the manitou of a Harrowed named Cassie. In exchange for his services, Delilah mentioned that she will answer 1 yes or no question, within reason.

He gained access to the Star Chamber’s library where he familiarized himself with the technique used to bind the manitou, basically an extended version of the Test of Wills he does as part of his spell casting. He spent significant time with a book called “Rituals of the Black Circle.” He manages to bind Cassie’s manitou, and it turns out the girl is flipping insane, though in her ramblings she did same some important things about the future. Jeb finished up his time at the Star Chamber by doing some more research into the black gem he read about previously. He found a few mentions of it in Egypt and the Middle East, eventually making its way to Europe. It’s last known whereabouts were in Spain, where is was referred to as “The Heart of Darkness.” Jeb is currently still in the Star Chamber.


When Jeb didn’t some back, Felicity lugged all the books over to the Ashen’s examination room. Of course Alexander had already packed up and planned to leave.
The mission was a success. Felicity talked her way past the guard and managed to find the papers that they were looking for. They were nearly caught by a different guard, but as he walked in Alexander kissed Felicity (leaving him nauseous and her slightly flustered) and they played it off as though they were trying to act out a scene from “Prates of Gibraltar.”
They managed to get the papers to Mitch, who is supposed to deliver them to Ned MacRael, their contact in the North End. They are currently at The Patriot hotel awaiting further instructions.

Eli investigated a dead body to the best of his ability. Now he’s going to go gamble in the North End. Then he’ll probably have some sex. Then he’s going to have a Very Bad and Prophetic Dream. But right now we’re at the “going to gamble” part.


Somewhere between acquiring a small orphan boy, getting his sword back and sleeping nekkid in Jeb’s bed, Kai has found his way back to Chinatown and seems to be in Kang’s good graces. Now if only track down the little boy’s missing sister. And if only the boy wouldn’t try to climb buildings in the rain, and not crawl through air ducts and nearly get caught the very embodiment of Yellow Peril. Kai is currently at Kang’s apartments.



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