Manifest Destiny

Consider the Past

"Consdier the past, and you shall know the future" ~ Chinese Proverb

The posse arrive in Boston and began to get their baring.

Eli immediately went to the Back Bay district to meet with his sister. He experienced a little trouble getting through the checkpoint, but was eventually escorted through without incident though he had to leave his gun behind. The reunion was joyous and he plans to stay at the estate for the foreseeable future.

Jeb seems to have gone into an exploratory mode and found out a bit about the city (covered below). He found out where to buy a new suit, get some mighty fine sarsaparilla. Tried to find himself a high class lady friend but was unsuccessful…this time.

Cobb is walking around in his Western finery and with guns in tow, authorities be damned. Agent Callahan cleared him to carry his guns to the lunch party, but warned that others might not overlook the fact that Cobb’s armed. he got bored with the fine lunch party and he and Delilah ran off to have some fun on their own.

She made acquaintances with Claudia and is maintaining her cover as Alexander’s wife as he seems to be doing…something?

Kai ran into some trouble trying to navigate the white neighborhoods of Boston. He had to pretend that he’s Jeb’s…servant? Bodyguard? As soon as he could he went to Chinatown to find someone who could repair his sword. He found a man willing to do it for $16, and was told to come back for it in 4 days. Upon arriving at the Higgins estate he discovered that Warlord Kang one of the guests of honor. Kang immediately demanded that Kai join his retinue. When the party was over, Kang had Zhǎnshǒu inform Kai to be on the roof of the Golden Dragon come nightfall.

The Doctor has been writing furiously in his notebook as of late and seems to be even less willing socially engage than usual.

Tried to lessen the tension between Kang and Kai and failed miserably. Ran off with Cobb before the party was over.

Misc Facts

  • Kang’s prescience seems to have something to do with the increasing concerns over Chinese immigration. There was also a lot of flowery talk about uniting the East and the West.
  • The Beacon Hill area is currently uninhabitable and is referred to as “The Fire Zone.” The neighborhood burned to the ground in 1872 and further attempt to build anything on the site as met with fiery results as well. Claudia mentioned that she heard something about ghost rock fumes, and that there are still people living in the zone.
  • And lots of other things that I hope you wrote down.



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