Manifest Destiny

Boston Wrap Up

Just a summary of what happened in the “Season Finale” of the Boston storyline. The Epilogue will be a separate post.

The Plot

It turned out that the Black Circle, headed by Sir Edward Rellington, was behind the string of mysterious murders in the Boston Area. They were attempting to complete a ritual that would bring forth a servant of an “Elder One” as the Plague Bringer, who is normally called forth to curse family line with illness and ruin. The ritual called for “the sacrifice of an innocent on unholy soil, the tongue of a songbird, the heart of a favored son, and the tortured flesh of the father.” Sir Edward and the circle thought bigger than just a mere family line, they were looking to take out the United States and all of its “progeny,” which would include the Confederacy, the Nation of Desert, and most of the West Coast, leaving only the 2 Native American nations and the Glorious City -State of Shan Fan as the only major powers North of Mexico and South of Canada (which is still British controlled).

Eli unknowingly provided the sacrifice of the innocent, the tounge was taken from an opera singer, the heart from Senator Higgins (a descendant of Paul Revere a “son of the Revolution”) and they kidnapped Simon Royce as the final sacrifice after Judge Wilcox was killed by accident. Sir Edward struck a bargain with Kang and a coven of witches in Boston to see the plan to fruition.


Sir Edward, ever the sadist, decided to have some “fun” with Eli and blow Felicity’s cover at the same time. Sir Edward killed Eli’s buddy Mitch, and told Eli that Claudia was kidnapped and in the Fire Zone. Sir Edward also mocked Eli for missing the story under his nose, that he had been travelling with two British spies all along, giving them access to government personnel. Eli ran off to the Fire Zone to save his sister, but when he got there he found that Angelina was there as well. They were tied on opposite sides of a burnt out structure with some sort of magic protecting them from being burnt to a crisp and eaten by the Ashen. It quickly became obvious that saving one would negate the protection on the other and that choosing neither would kill both. Eli started to go with his sister when Angelina screamed out that his sister was responsible for the building burning down, that Claudia killed her husband and was not to be trusted. Claudia said “I am your sister.” Eli chose to save Claudia and as he untied his sister he heard screaming and smelled the burnt flesh as Angelina was burned to death and devoured by the Ashen behind him. Claudia then thanked him for saving her, then knocked him out.

When Eli came to he was in the catacombs. It seemed as though Claudia was part of the coven and everything that Angelina tried to warn him about. She tried to convince Eli to join her side, first by appealing to his sense of family, then by threatening him, saying that he was only alive because her masters wanted to turn him. It was also insinuated that Claudia killed her own son for more power. She and Eli fought (and zombies with summoned!), but ultimately Eli couldn’t bring himself to try and kill her and fled the catacombs.


Was generally epic throughout, saving Jeb and whatnot. However he failed to keep Delilah from being shot in the head by…Delilah? At seeing his lady shot by the other Delilah he flips out and starts unloading his guns into her, with little effect. Jeb finally gets him to calm down. “Delilah” says something cryptic and then disappears in a flash of white light. When Cobb looks into the bay no trace of his Delilah can be seen.


Has some tense moments with Su and find himself questioning his loyalties when he is commanded to bring in HouZi.


Agent Callahan and Agent Wynne believed Felicity innocence and sprang her from prison. Callahan met up with her and gave her the choice of investigating Judge Wilcox’s residence while he was out of the house or attempting to stop Simon’s execution. Felicity chose to go after Simon. Turned out she didn’t need to do much. Cobb realized that a friend of his was about to hang, so he shot the hanging rope and caught the prisoner and rode off rather majestically. Only problem was that the prisoner wasn’t Simon, it was Jeb being used as a stand in. After conferring a bit it was decided that Felicity would go off with Callahan to investigate the judge and meet up with them later, and Kai, Cobb, & Jeb would enter the caverns via the warehouse to deal with whatever they find.

Felicity & Callahan arrived at the judges house to find that he had been killed. Felicity found the equipment that Wilcox had confiscated from her and Simon, noticeably absent was the Resurrection potion.

Callahan suggested that they take a shortcut back into the caverns. He was “fairly certain” that it would lead to around the same spot. As they traveled, Callahan tripped the Spider Trap, a nasty invention of the head witch, Maria, that caused hundreds of tiny spiders to hatch in the body of the afflicted and eat them apart from the inside. He managed to get Felicity up over a ledger and toss her his Gatling pistol before he was overcome.

The tunnel terminated at a ledge above a large pool. On the ledge where Sir Edward and Maria, standing over a kneeling, catatonic Simon, and Red Petal Su seemed to be standing some sort of guard.

The Fight

The fight was of course epic. Highlights!

  • HouZi tackles Su’s head and goes nuts when he realizes she is wearing his sister’s necklace. He causes her to fall 15 ft off a ledge. Unfortunately she lands on top of HouZi nearly killing him. Su is clearly conflicted about her part in all of this, and agrees to leave as long as she isn’t followed. Kai disengages from the fight to teach HouZi to focus chi into the “Blood of Gold” technique so HouZi doesn’t die.
  • Jeb does all kinds of crazy Huckster hoodoo! He Bashes he Soul Blasts! He glances in a pool goes a little mad because he sees an “Elder One!” Good times.
  • Cobb shoots a bitch! Then another one! Then he kills himself a Decapitator!
  • Felicity soul transfers with Simon which brings him out of his stupor. She, Simon and Sir Edward scuffle on the ledge. One things leads to another and Simon is stabbed through the kidney by Sir Edward. Felicity proceeds to Gatling gun Sir Edward’s face. Simon dies, Felicity brings him back to life. Simon now acts weirder than before.

Next: The Epilogue!



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