Manifest Destiny


“One should rather die than be betrayed. There is no deceit in death. It delivers precisely what it has promised. Betrayal, though ... betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope.” - Steven Deitz

A lot of stuff happened last session, let me know if I missed or mis-remembered anything.

The Game

Eli & Angelina went to the North end with Mitch and gambled in the basement of the Ned’s butcher shop. The chatted and cavorted and generally had a good time. Eli even impressed the locals with his piano playing.

The Dream

Eli went to bed that night and had a dream where he was a priest and he was hearing confession from Felicity. The dream Felicity said that because of her lies he would have to make a choice with no right answer and then attempted to strangle him. He woke up from the dream disturbed, and Angelina started comforting him in her particular fashion. As they are have sex, Eli realizes that he covered in blood and when he looks down he realizes that he is actually have sex with Susan’s bloody corpse. She says “They die, they always die.” And that’s when he really woke up. Angelina is gone and his sister comes into his room because she hears his screaming.

Claudia makes him some food to comfort him. They talk a bit, and she tells Eli that she’s always admired his ability to see good in people, to embrace the Lord and forgive. She says that she wishes she could be more like him. She mentions to Eli that the big meeting between Iron Dragon and Union Blue is happening that day, and that it would be wonderful if a reporter from the Epitaph is there to cover such an important event. She mentions that she will also be onsite, as when she Mitch arrives with the delivery for the lunch she wants to personally inspect.

The Screaming

Kai is awoken by a woman’s muffled screaming in the night. He follows the sound to the Decapitator’s bedroom. He peek through the keyhole to see him abusing a young women. Kai decides not to interfere and goes back to bed.

The next morning Kai is summoned to breakfast with Kang. As he walks with the Decapitator, Kai insinuates that he know about what was going on last night. The Decapitator basically tells Kai to mind his own damn business. During breakfast, Kai notes that Su is unusually subdued and subservient. Kang tells Kai and the Decapitator that they are to be his bodyguards for the meeting that day. After Kang leaves, the Decapitator chuckles and tells Kai that he doesn’t even the plans that Kang has in store for him. It’s then that Kai finally gets the idea that Kang may just intend to have Kai marry Su

As Kai is digesting this information, he realizes that HouZi has snuck back into the building and is climbing through the ducts. They argue and Kai insists that the boy go back to the hotel and stay put. HouZi agrees, but he’s a little liar.

The Theft

Delilah was disturbed to find that she was robbed in the middle of the night. The only thing the thief took was a dress with light mauve trimming. She showed Cobb a very similar dress with pink trimming so he could get an idea of what he was looking for. Cobb tracked the thief to the building next door and determined that the thief tricked the people living in the apartment 1 story above Delilah’s balcony into letting her attempt to jump across. Mrs. Johnson swore that it was Delilah who asked to be let in.

The Examination

Alexander & Felicity went back to MIT to study the zombie some more. They noted the following difference between the Ashen and the typical Walking Dead:

  • Instead of having putrefied innereds, the Ashen seemed charred with many organs reduced to ash.
  • They do not regenerate if fed meat, so they eat only for recreational purposes.
  • If reduced to any temperature below room temperature they go completely inert.
    They were forced to leave early, however, due to preparation for their next assignment.

The Arrest

According to their orders, Felicity & Alexander were supposed to retrieve Invisibility Serum from a warehouse on the docks and then await further instruction. However, when they checked the package, Alexander realized that the vials contained Greek Fire, not Invisibility Serum and would have been quite dangerous to ingest. They decide to pack up the potions and take them back to the hotel and attempt to get in contact with their agent in the North End. But when Felicity walks out the door she is confronted by several agents and Boston PD with their guns drawn. Judge Wilcox arrests them on the charges of espionage and suspected terrorism. As an Agent confirms that the package being held by Alexander is indeed Greek Fire, which ignites at at room temperature and burns unnaturally quickly. Wilcox demands to know where the Fire is to be used. Then Felicity sees smoke rising in the distance.

The Fire

Cobb is backing up the Agents and Delilah is helping Claudia at the building where the negotiations between the rails is being conducted by Higgins. Everything is rather boring until an explosion is felt at the ground floor. Cobb is flung through the air and is stunned but miraculously unhurt. Everyone attempts to evacuate the building, Kang and his crew make it out just fine, but Chamberlain breaks a leg jumping from the second story window. Higgins and Eli stay in the building and run upstairs to attempt to save Zach who was upstairs being watched by a nanny. Eli and Higgins get separated when I portion of the ceiling collapses. Eli is able to continue up the stair and Higgins says he’ll find his way around. When Eli gets upstairs he find the other Delilah (or Fauxlilah, thanks Vito) with Zach and the HouZi, who had snuck into the building. Fauxlilah insists that they head to the roof as she picks up Zach and HouZi runs behind. Eli kicks open the door to the roof where the unnatural fire has already spread. There is an explosion on the roof and Eli is nearly knocked off, but Fauxlilah grabs him and pulls him back up. She suggests going to the other side of the building, saying there is a better way to get down. When they get to the other side of the building, Fauxlilah turns to Eli and says to him, “You need to listen me, this is very important. When we look at the people we love, sometimes there is a very large gap between who they are and who we want them to be.” She then plants a foot in his chest and kicks him off the roof of the building “This is Sparta” style. He goes unconscious upon hitting the ground.

As the building went up in flames, Cobb worked on getting people evacuated from the buildings next door. Cobb also noticed that Kang seemed less upset by the situation than would be expected, in fact he seemed to be pondering something. HouZi ran out from behind the building running as fast as he can while holding little Zach’s hand. Kai was horrified to see HouZi there and became even more worried when Kang and the Decapitator seemed to take an interest in the boy. When they tried to leave, Cobb insisted that HouZi stay at the hotel and Kai badly bluffed that the boy worked for Cobb. Meanwhile HouZi keeps pointing at Delilah and insisted that she saved him & Zach, but she also kicked the “other man” off the roof.

The entire building goes up in smoke in less than an hour, and by the time the fire is quenched there is little left. Cobb and some of the Agents go picking through the remains. They turn over a section of collapsed wall and find the body of Bernard Higgins, untouched by fire. His heart has been ripped out of his chest and there is a circle of black ash drawn around the wound.

At the end of this, Cobb returns to the Patriot with HouZi, and Kai returns to Chinatown with Kang.

The Apartment

Eli wakes up in pain with a well wrapped, but fractured, clavicle bone. He find out that Angelina, also known as Enid Rosenbaum, found him in a pile of garbage near the building and spirited him away. Eli discovers that Angelina has a mother who was injured in a factory accident and that Angelina became a working girl in order to support them both. She consoled him on the loss of his brother in law and stated that if he wants to end his contract with her in light of circumstance. He countered with the notion of courting her. She laughed. They started chatting as they waited for the whiskey to kick in and dull Eli’s pain. She mentioned that he makes her ponder the different sorts of love. The Greeks, she claimed, found it so complicated that they had 4 different words for it: Storge – General affection for one’s fellow man, Philia – the love that exists between family and close friends, Eros – Romantic and carnal love, and Agape – “Unconditional Love” also known in Christian traditions as “the Christ Love” in that it is a love based a divine and inexplicable understanding of others. Eli fell asleep and remains at Angelina’s apartment at the end of the session.

The Interrogation

Felicity was restrained to a chair in an interrogation room. She can hear Simon’s screams coming from down the hall as he is “forcefully interrogated”. Eventually the door to her room opens and in walks Wilcox and Callahan. Wilcox walks over, feigns sympathy for her current condition and then punches her in the stomach and backhands her across the face. Wilcox makes it very clear that being a women will serve as no protection. He demands to know more about the ritual performed on Higgins. He tells her to think about it, and leaves the room. Callahan follows Wilcox out of the room, but it is clear that Callahan is disturbed by the whole thing.

The Abduction

No one knows where Jeb is…even he’s not quite sure at the moment.



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