Manifest Destiny

100 Ways to Do it Wrong

I didn't fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong - Benjamin Franklin

After the battle in Tombstone the posse decides to skedaddle before the Cowboys have a chance to regroup. The majority of the posse wishes to honor Mama Jolou’s last request and take her ashes to Canton, but Cobb is strangely resistant. He refuses to rell the party why he doesn’t want to go to Canton, causing bafflement and some called him cowardly. He insists that taking Mama Jolou to Canton is foolish, and says they should just bury her ashes in her bayou home when they get back to New Orleans. Now matter what the ultimate plan is, heading back East for the moment seems the best option.

The Train Ride

The posse hops on the rail and begins to travel. As the train reaches New Orleans Delilah begins to get sick. Alexander insists that he’s never heard of a disease that gets worse based on geographic location. As it gets worse, Jeb decides to take the opportunity to cast hunch on her, to see if he can get a glimpse of why she’s sick and what makes her so unusual. As he places his hands both he and Delilah start screaming and Jeb collapses into a seizure.

An Apocalyptic Vision
Jeb immediately knows that his vision is not working the way as expected. He feels himself lying on the ground, and when he looks at his hands he seems almost spectral. He pushes himself off the ground and surrounded by chaos. He’s in a place with impossibly tall buildings that seem to be fully electrified. He sees a sign that says “Broadway.” People are dressed extremely oddly, and many of the women are wearing spike heeled shoes with immodestly short skirts. A voice booms out of nowhere “We’re back with Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve 2099!” and a huge, strange, animated drawing of an overly tanned man appears on some sort of magic picture window. The crow begins the countdown to New Years 2100, and just as they are shouting “Happy New Years!” A strange an overly bight point of green light appears in the sky. The light expands into a skull shape. Everyone stares for a moment in complete silence. The silence is broken as the skull rushes toward the ground as it makes a noise that sounds like the screaming of the damned. Jeb watches as people begin to run and panic as the light seems to just dissolve the building as it rushes down. Just as it’s about to hit him he wakes up in the car.

Back On the Train

Jeb wakes up and Delilah is passed out. Eli sticks his head in and says he heard 2 girls screaming. Jeb asks if anyone know a guy by the name of “Dick Clark.” There are some bad dick jokes made.

Getting Cobb to Canton

Once they get off the train in New Orleans, Cobb once again tries to resist going to Canton while the rest of the posse tries to force him. As he tries to hand off the box of Mama’s ashes to someone else, he finds himself mystically paralyzed. The party takes to opportunity to chloroform him and get him on a river boat heading north. Cobb comes too just as they are arriving in Canton and he is pissed.

It’s Werewolf Day!

Cobb finds himself unbelievably tired after his drugged out trip and lies down to get some real sleep, doing his best to avoid everyone in town. He wakes up at around 6:30 in the evening, to the sound of god awful music coming from downstairs. It turns out that Jeb lost a bet to some townsfolk and had to sing a song…only Jeb can’t sing. Felicity and Alexander just stand their in horror, Eli ends up having to do-si-do and Kai eventually knocks Jeb out. Cobb tries to leave the hotel, but he is recognized by George Sharpe. George tells him that he thinks the wolves are back, they’ve been savaging wagons but no one’s been hurt yet. Cobb wanders the streets and gets ambushed by the wolves. He is easily defeated and passes out from bloodloss…

And he wakes up back in his bed at 6:30PM as horrible music plays from downstairs. And it happens again…and again…and again. Sometimes he’s killed, sometimes one of the women he is with are killed and at least one time Eli managed to blow all them up.

He finally decides to scatter Mama Jolou’s ashes and fights the wolves on consecrated ground and finally beat them. Only to feel himself passing out again.

This time when he “woke up” he was in Mama Jolou’s hut in the swamp, only Mama Jolou was looking considerably younger. Mama Jolou admits that she is responsible for what is happening to him. But not in the way he thinks. She mentions that she is being “tested” for what she is to become and made an error by using her powers to subvert his free will. She tells him that he must choose whether to face Canton or turn away for good, knowing that turning away will mark him. She tells him that he is as full of rage as any of the wolves, and asks what is more important, the man or the beast? It also mentioned that Peregrine has great faith in him, though Mama is evasive on the details. She then sent him back even further in time. To the train just after Jeb has his vision.

Cobb’s Journey

This time around Cobb decides to go to Canton. He prepares for fighting the werewolves if needed and sort of explains his situation to the rest of the posse. He arrives in Canton early in the day and discovers that there is an Injun living in the hills near where wolf caves are. He heads off into the hills with the posse where he meets with the Injun. He is referred to as Alpha, and reveals that Canton is built on lands that once belonged to his people. He also seems to know Delilah, and calls her Wolf Tamer though she does not recognize him. The rest of Alpha’s pack shows up. One of the members, the Greater Wolf is revealed to be Walt, Cobb’s brother in law who got infected by during the initial raid on the town. Walt is enraged that the wolves are not attacking Cobb and transforms on the spot, as he does, the area around him becomes darker, tainted. Walt’s wolf form grows even larger and starts foaming at the mouth as he lashes out at both the posse and his own pack. They manage to take Walt down, and Eli heals Alpha’s infected wounds. Cobb chooses to end the killing, and allows Alpha and his remaining pack to go free. He then looks for a way to get Walt’s body back to town respectfully and sees that he is buried next to Rebecca. Thus ended the 1st arc of Cobb’s personal story.

Effects on Cobb

Thanks to Cobb’s decidedly non-vengeful actions towards the man/wolf who caused him all this grief to begin with, Cobb has lost his vengeful hinderence. Instead he now has his personal edge/hinderence:

Show Me a Hero…

For the moment, this functions are the heroic hinderence. It represents how Cobb is heavily inclined to help people right wrongs and fight injustice, regardless of his own personal well being. He can be as ornery as he wants about it, act like he’s taking care of a bunch of idiots, or if he really wants to he can choose not to help. However the more dangerous the situation is, the bigger the rewards will be. If you want to get an idea of how this will likely turn out for him in the end, find the other half of the quote.



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